‘And so the Adventure Begins’ Wedding Sign

Marriage is such a beautiful adventure. I know in current culture, it can get a bad wrap or have some stigma to it. I mean look at the divorce rates these days. Its astounding how many people give up when the adventure gets tough. When you think of a real adventure, do you picture walking down a paved path through beautiful mountains or next to a beach? Likely that will be part of it, but an adventure usually has a little or a lot of everything. Ups, downs, mountains, valleys, rain, wind, twists, turns, exhaustion, rest, injury, adversaries, and times of great strength and courage. The adventure of marriage has all of these and more. Its not going to always be unicorns and rainbows after the wedding day. It really is one of the greatest and most challenging adventures one can embark on. If we can see marriage as an adventure, we can start to understand that  pushing forward when the path is rocky or the path disappears completely will lead to the next great milestone of our marriage. Be there for each other, pull each other through, carry one another if need be. This sign is perfect. It will hang in the aisle at a wedding this fall. Your adventure will not be easy, but it will be fulfilling if you stick together.


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