Different Name, Same Quality Work


Well, we took a long hiatus from business starting October of 2017 in preparation for our coming daughter in November. Prior to our daughter being born our business was going 100 mph. It was awesome and exhausting. The good kind of exhausting where you feel accomplished after you are done, but we needed a break to reconnect and revisit what we wanted the future of our business to look like.

We run our business out of our house, and I (Scott, the woodworker) work full time as a software quality assurance engineer for a company based out of Minneapolis. Sabina (the master designer and sign maker) stays home with our two kids. Most of our work with SMS Designs was done during nap times for our kids or after bedtime. We decided to take a break from business after our daughter was born to take our time adjusting to life with two kids. We wanted to spend time relaxing and connecting with each other during and after the transition.

Sabina and I had frequent talks about what we wanted our business to look like when we came back into action. We decided that we wanted to make sure we still had time for us to connect in tandem to running our business and working full time, so we decided to continue doing some parts of our business and put a halt to other parts for now. With our new focus and new ideas as we got ready to come back to serving our customers, we decided it was a great time to rebrand with a new name and a new look.

We are the same people running the same business, but just with a different name. We are so excited!

Continue to follow along with our journey and our beautiful custom signs and furniture at https://willowandtimber.com/2018/07/14/the-new-journey-begins/

You can also keep up to date with all we are doing by following us on Instagram @willow.and.timber

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